Leah and her little guys. Mt Juliet Tn Family Photography Lisa Rubel Family Photographer

Cute guys for sure.
They will not be little for very long.

Skinned knees, fascination with water and anything in it, feeding the chickens, exploring the trails, they even picked out places for me to take their picture. I loved this spot.

This was their favorite place.

The oldest..funny guy, he actually liked to pose for me. Big eyes..sweet smile.

Middle brother, he had his “picture smile” down pat. Loosing teeth, and new ones growing in..we also think he favors George W Bush. Notice the rock in his hand..haha.

Bringing up the rear, Mr. Personality..the baby with lots and lots to say. Most of the pictures I took of him were between the many words he was saying. I remember most of the stories he was telling me pertained to superheros. Adorable.

Beautiful Leah.
Her kindness can not be measured. She is a fit and very strong momma..and don’t let that pretty face fool you..she is very very smart.

Their happy place~

Truly, I am so proud of these guys..they were patient and loved picking out places to stop..I just had to be quick..I love this one.

And, I love this, too..he was trying not to laugh..big handsome smile.

He has the best chuckle..love this.

They certainly picked this spot..haha. guys.

He was hiding…Mamma was looking for him…

She found him..he laughed so hard..it was precious.

It was a wonderful late Spring afternoon..in one of my favorite places..with an entertaining and very loved little family.
Thanks for being so handsome and so beautiful~~

“Lord God All-Powerful, my King and my God, sparrows find a home near your alters; swallows build nests there to raise their young. You bless everyone who lives in your house, and they sing your praises. You bless all who depend on you for their strength and all who deeply desire to visit your temple. When they reach Dry Valley, springs start flowing, and the autumn rain fills it with pools of water. Your people grow stronger and you, the God of gods, will be seen in Zion.” Psalms 84:3-7

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